Beaches in Mani Peloponnese

Here is a list of beaches in the area of Mani Peloponnese:

Kalogria Beach:

One of my favorite but during high season, it’s always crowded. It is organized with white sand and crystal waters. Perfect for families.

Stoupa Beach:

Located opposite the main walking road of Stoupa, full of restaurants and shops it’s an organized beach preferred by families.

Delfinia Beach:

Another favorite less crowded with small pebbles and nice waters. It’s not organized so you should carry whatever you need with you.

To faraggi to Fonea:

Another favourite beach with big stones and a big rock dividing it in the middle. It is not an organized beach, but there is a beach bar operating on site. If you are lucky, you can find some shade under the rocks.

Ritsa Beach in Kardamili:

A big beach with white pebbles and olive trees.

Karavostasi Beach:

A beautiful beach with big pebbles. There is a beach bar on site.


It’s not actually a beach, but you can descend a couple of steps and swim in the turquoise waters. One of my favorite as well.

Gerolimenas beach:

A pebbled beach with cold water

Neo Itilo

Neo Itilo is a village located around a magnificent sandy beach 2 km long. In the sea waters of the area has been discovered an ancient shipwreck with amphora, probably dating back in the second century BC