A few words about Itilo

Itilo is located 80km south of Sparti. It is considered one of the most beautiful and graphic towns of Mani. It is near to Limeni bay, at 240m. altimeter. Itilo is a really big temptation for the visitor.

It took its name after Argio Itilo son of Amfianakta. To Omiros is refered as one of Achaias towns which were governed by Menelaos.

Eastern of Itilo, in the ambit of Githio the mountain Saggias expands, while at the north, rises the south foot of Taigetos Mountain.

Although the half region of Itilo is hilly, the region of the beaches is flat and you can enjoy all the wild beauty around.

Itilo distinguishes for its graphic and unique landscapes. You will love the tasteful local food and the warm hospitality of the residents. One more of the characteristics that visitors adore is that there are located 67 traditional settlements which are made of stone.

Visit the archaeological beauties of Itilo such as: the castles of the area, the Byzantine and Post- Byzantine churches with the amazing hagiographies, the impressive towers, and the romantic paths witch are made of stone.

You should also visit the churches of Saint George, of Memorfosis Sotiros, The Assumption and the Dekoulou abbey.

Itilo has a variety of interesting speleological and scientific sights. You will be amazed from the rich natural decor that the caves have. Thousands of visitors every year visit the caves of Dirou which are located at this area.

The unique flora and fauna as well as the smells of the thyme and the sage will impress you.

At Itilo you will enjoy your swim and the sun at the beautiful beaches with sand or with pebble. It is a magic place that worths to visit.